We build iPhone and Android apps that help organisations raise their profile, improve customer experience, connect with new audiences, and can streamline operational procedures, providing a return on investment that adds value for both the customer and the bottom line.

Mobile apps can be a valuable asset to any business, and a device that’s in someones hand or pocket 24 hours a day, opens a world of opportunities. iPhone and Android mobile apps can be used to enhance marketing campaigns, to sell products and services direct, to create super efficient self service interactions which remove the strain from customer service teams, and allow your customer to connect with you at all times no matter where they are.

Building mobile apps since the very first iPhone has given us a deep insight into what works and what doesn’t, meaning we build apps your customers love to use, whilst providing tangible returns on your investment. This experience also gives us the vision to generate ideas for mobile apps that enhance your offering, so if you are thinking ‘how could an app help me?‘ Drop us a line and we’ll brainstorm some ideas with you in a mobile app workshop.

Primarily we develop apps for iPhone, iPad and Android devices, the decision on which to start with is usually based on your audience, but whichever platform wins, the process we follow is always the same and we involve you every step of the way, more details of which can be seen below.

The success of an app is measured by three things, interest, engagement and retention, the key to achieving success is simplicity. We spend a lot of time with you in the concept, user experience and interface phases to really define the core purpose of the app and how it benefits the customer. This allows us to leave out all the unnecessary features and functionality that add no real value, and results in an app that creates moments of delight, is effortless to use, and builds your brand to put you ahead of the competition.

Our mobile app development process

Phase 1
Planning the purpose and features of the app, how they will benefit both you and the customer, whilst analysing your customer data to create a launch strategy and set up goals to measure the apps success.

Phase 2
User experience & interface
To create an engaging and rewarding experience for the user is key to a mobile apps success. In this phase we work up an interactive wireframe proof of concept enabling us to actually ‘use’ the app and define a slick effortless user journey.

Phase 3
Here we ensure your brand values flow beautifully into the app maintaining your position, propostion and personality throughout every interaction, from the directional look and feel to the smallest design nuances in the app’s screens, icons and descriptions.

Phase 4
Here’s where our iOS and Android developers bring the app to life, and the team have years of experience in a wealth of technologies they can draw on, to integrate the app into any existing processes you may already have in place.

Phase 5
Here’s where we ensure your app is a robust product from day 1. We test, test and test again, involving you and sometimes a select few of your customers in the whole process to make sure the app functions as everyone expects.

Phase 6
Launch & maintain
Having the greatest app in the world is useless if no one knows about it, being a fully integrated marketing agency means we can advise on the best way to launch and promote the app, as well as maintaining it when systems are updated.

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