We help organisations move forward by creating emotional connections between the customer and the product or service. Whether it’s the birth of a new brand or bringing existing brands back to life, we combine insight, vision and experience to create a strategic and engaging brand which flows cohesively across all channels.

The success of an organisation relies on more than just the product or service. Branding is what will make you stand out from the competition and turn your customers into fans, who love, forgive and most importantly recommend you.

Branding is usually divided into two parts, strategy and creative, the good news is, we can help with both, combining insight, vision and experience to inject ideas, energy and enthusiasm into both new and established brands.

Branding is more than just an identity, it’s a feeling, an emotional response a person has when interacting with your product or service, it’s what they say about you when you leave the room and whether they remember you the next day. When developing or reviving brands, we always define them with the 3P’s… positioning, proposition and personality, the foundations of any successful organisation, to flow with beautiful consistency across all brand interactions.

All branding projects kick off with an in-depth workshop where we gain a real understanding of your organisation and its offering, identifying strengths and weaknesses as well as current perceptions. Crucially at this point we identify tangible objectives for the project, which then become the measure of success when reviewing the brand implementation and increased value. From there we go on to align ourselves with your audience, discovering what makes them tick, what brands they aspire to and where they spend their time on and offline.

Once we’ve achieved a comprehensive understanding of you and your audience, we can then start working on a strategy for the best way to connect you both and achieve the objectives set out for the brand. This strategy focussed around the 3Ps, then informs the creative process in terms of thinking, creating a direction and application.


This is the process of defining exactly who are you, the people you’re trying to communicate with, how they perceive you and where you sit in relation to the competition. We explore your existing position, decide where you want to be and create a plan to get you there.


A brand is the sum of many parts, the proposition is what binds those parts together. One central thought or idea providing the foundation for every interaction a person has with you or your product, we create propositions that make your brand appealing and unique.


Personality helps communicate your message effectively, captivating your audience and turning them from customers into fans. We create personality through careful image selection, appropriate tone of voice, great design and online experiences.

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